The symptoms of most anal fissures can be relieved with

You WON'T HAVE TO change your diet, drink gallons of water, use stool softeners or load your bowel with fiber. Best of all, you won't have to suffer the pain and bleeding that can be so distressing in this condition.
Surgery, like botox injections and other expensive procedures should only be considered as a last resort.
by Dr. Chris Reynolds M.B.,B.S. (Graduate, Faculty of Medicine, Univ. of Western Austrailia ,1973)

Anal Fissure Treatment & Causes

Anal fissure - What is it?

What is Anal Fissure When evaluating what is shown in Figure 1 a tear or split at the end of the anal canal wall is defined as a fissure – quite frequently, it’s at the back side or posterior of the anus. Sometimes with chronic fissures, a “sentinel pile” or skin tag, can cause a fissure to be misinterpreted for a painful hemorrhoid.

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Generally, an anal fissure is derived from a breakdown of the anal wall. It is similar to the split lip that is shown in the Figure 2. As one would expect, an anal fissure treatment can be extremely painful and very hard. For more than a year, this featured young male patient suffered and endured numerous treatments that incorporated antibiotics and steroids but failed. After applying wheatgrass, his wound did heal after one week (Fig. 3)

What are anal fissure symptoms?
. Pain, which can be severe, during and after bowel movements
. Red blood in the stool (blood on the toilet paper)
. Constipation - due to pain causing avoidance of passing stool
. Anal itchiness, burning
. Difficulty in passing urine

Why is there so much pain?
Because of the sensitive nature of the anal wall, even a tiny split in the region can be extremely painful, especially when one’s anal muscles are stretched such as during a bowel motion. The location of where anal fissure takes place is comprised of a number of nerve endings – all highly sensitive. 

Who else gets anal fissure?
Anal fissures are not all that uncommon. In fact, in the United States alone, it is reported that there are about 250,000 new cases that occur yearly. This injury can take place in newborns to seniors. Anal fissures also equally affect both sexes. The condition can be aggravated by childbirth or pregnancy, and it most commonly happens between young adulthood to middle age.

How long does it last?

By rule of thumb, usually between 50-60% of anal fissures will heal on their own. However it can recur or become chronic (sometimes lasting for years) in the other 40-50%.

How is anal fissure diagnosed?

You physician will be prompted to make a simple examination of the outer end of the anal canal should symptoms of rectal bleeding and pain be present. When there is an acute fissure, it generally will resemble a small tear in the back end, close to the spine (posterior) of the anus that is represented in Figure 1. A “sentinel pile” and thickened edges are most common in chronic fissures. Further examination could be deemed necessary, especially if there is bleeding. A colonoscopy could be done to eliminate other factors for blood loss.

What are the methods for anal fissure treatment?   order now  

My method is simple.

I use a wheatgrass extract in a cream base and get the patient to apply a small amount just inside the anal opening twice daily with a cotton bud. In greater than 90 percent of cases, the symptoms disappear, usually within four to six weeks, sometimes within a few days.

Though unpainful, a fissure is not a life-threatening condition. Therefore, it is not drastically serious to health because the majority generally does on its own. The bigger goal is to remedy patients of any symptoms and displeasures so that they can go back to leading a normal life. Wheatgrass often is a good remedy for this.

What causes anal fissure?

In assessing the causes of anal fissure, physicians have all kinds of reasons including: reduced blood flow to the anal region, inflammation, hard bowel motions, constipation, diarrhea, poor bowel habit and even “spikey” food like peanuts. Sometimes doctors will forget that many patients with fissures have diarrhea and not constipation, while some babies are born with fissures. Fissures are not expected to cause trauma unless something like a colonoscopy or childbirth caused a direct injury to possibly the anal wall.

A general rule of thumb is that the fissure will happen first and then the constipation will come next. With that in mind, constipation should be viewed as a by-product and not the cause.

How do I know this?

It’s based on over time, specifically due to a clinical observation of a large amount of patients who have experienced chronic constipation. Due to the fact that a proper anal examination has not been performed, several had undergone continual anal fissures. The good news, however, was their pain was relieved, and their constipation cleared up through wheatgrass treatment. Because of the documented research from cases, I consider anal fissure to probably be an auto-immune condition.

Therefore, I believe that anal fissure is most likely an AUTO-IMMUNE CONDITION.

What does auto-immune mean?

When the immune antibodies in us are working, they generate act to fight off cancer cells that constantly develop inside us, as well fending off viruses, bacteria and other organisms that have entered into the body. Should this system go astray, healthy cells, organs and tissues can become damaged by harmful antibodies. This can happen when someone experiences emotional and physical stress, along with severe illness. This is deemed an auto-immune reaction that can possibly, if it continues long enough, cause auto-immune condition. One example of this transpiring is in rheumatoid arthritis.  What happens is that joints become critically injured -- such as they become red, painful, swollen and eventually lose their function.

Based on the research and studies, I have developed a theory that this is what happens in anal fissure, likely in other similar conditions like planta fasciitis, tennis elbow and split lip, which was shown in Figure 2.  These antibodies, for some reason, attack the mucus membrane of the anal wall. Inevitably, the fissure opens up because it breaks down. One of the consequences of this taking place is that the muscles will reflex and go into spasm and the bare nerves endings in the fissure generate a sensation that is painful at the time of a passing of the stool. Ultimately, this will lead to constipation. This ends up being a cyclical process because it then aggravates the fissure.

Typically, the fissure will become chronic if the body does not heal or repair itself. The fissure will remain open because of constant bowel evacuation due to the fact that the anal verge cannot rest for any significant amount of time. With that in mind, the goal should be to repair the fissure and not the constipation. Until now, this was never viewed as an easy task.

How does wheatgrass work for anal fissure?   order now  

Having used wheatgrass on thousands of patients for a variety of conditions it has been strikingly obvious to me that it facilitates natural healing e.g. for wounds, burns, fractures, anal fissure etc.

Because of the healing power that wheatgrass has on an extensive list of patients, it is now obvious to me that it’s one of the best natural healing agents for fractures, anal fissure, wounds and burns.

For instance with burns, it’s not unusual for the healing process to begin almost instantaneously when wheatgrass is applied to an open wound, it can re-cover itself with new cells in 24 to 48 hours. This enables body fluids to stay in, and it also is able to keep the bacteria out. When this occurs, a patient’s pain will go away. This typically is not something that occurs when the healing is unaided. 

Wheatgrass has an innate ability to jump start rapid healing, while “normalizing” damaged tissue. It also has the ability to remedy auto-immune disorders like psoriasis and acne rosacea. It has can serve as a topical surface.
Wheatgrass is a powerful, natural healing agent that often works when nothing else does.

Anal Fissure - Some Treatment Comparisons




Adverse Effects

Wheatgrass Cream

Greater than 90%. Safe. Hundreds of successful treatments

Low. Only once or twice daily application necessary

Nil recorded or observed. No contraindications or precautions required. Safe in pregnancy and children of all ages

Anal dilatation and/or lateral sphincterotomy

95% prolonged symptomatic improvement


Can cause irreversible incontinence of flatus and stool

Glyceryl trinitrate (Rectogesic in Australia - Anogesic in USA)

70% healed in 6 weeks

30gm. AUD$50. Three times a day application

Up to 80% have headaches, 1 in 13 have anal burning. Dizziness. Interacts with alcohol, other nitrates. Contraindications: severe anemia, glaucoma, hypotension, raised intracranial pressure, pregnancy, breast feeding

Botulinum toxin (by anal injection)

96% heal within 2 months. On average 2.8 treatments required per fissure

High. A 100U vial costs approx. US$325 plus procedural costs etc.

Can cause irreversible incontinence of flatus and stool. Debate continues.

Xyloproct, Scheriproct, Ultraproct, Hemocane, Proctosedyl

Doubtful efficacy

Low to medium

Contraindications and precautions e.g. pregnancy

First I want to thank you, my Dad had colon cancer and after the operation he developed a severe fissure with terrible pains. He found your product on the net. After 5 weeks the fissure is 80% healed. Truly a miracle wonder.
V. G. Oregon, USA. February, 2008

Thank you! Your cream healed my fissure in under a week! I was facing surgery and months of agony. An excellent product. As a registered nurse, Im also keen to try it on wounds. Thanks again.
B. R. Sydney, Australia. 30 December, 2008


 I suffer from anal fissures and I discovered wheatgrass on line after Anal dilation an 2 boutilium injection on seperate occasions. Anyway I have to say wheatgrass superbalm works great on healing fissures. So thankfully no more injections for me!!!!!! Thank you. 

M. M. Australia. 18 February, 2012

 This is the first time I am ever writing feedback on a product I've bought. I saw the effects of super balm with my first use and after a week I am practically cured. I recommend this to anyone who is suffering from anal fissure. Thank you. N. C. USA. 12 December, 2011

Hi Dr.Reynolds.I am just writing to you because i bought the skin recovery cream for a really bad fissure i have been having and i can barely feel any pain now.i am so happy.also this was all today,when i received the cream.i am really happy and i now really know that the wheatgrass cream is amazing. 
A. T.  USA. 3 November, 2010

I have used cream for 3 weeks and bottom feeling 100%, I have even had the operation for the fissure which was unsuccessful and I am $2500 poorer and dr wanted to have me have another operation worth $1000 but I thought I would try wheatgrass because I had tried rectogesic and it didn't work just gave me awful headaches. Wheatygrass has been the only thing that has given me relief, so good job. Thank you.
T. N. Australia. 14 March, 2008

A very big thankyou! I recently got the cream here in Japan and it has made my life so much more bearable and my fissure is nearly cured after around 1 week. Its a great natural product and is much better than anything else on the market with no side effects.
M. M. Japan. November, 2007

Your product worked great, it cleared my fissures up in three weeks. I found out about you from a little flash on web m.d. so i gave you a try and was not disappointed. I will tell anyone about your product that has skin problems again thank you.

E. B. USA 31 August, 2007

I have been suffering for the last three years from anal fissures ever since I was on Chemotherapy for my liver. I have been off of the Chemo treatment for over a year now but I was still experiencing a severe burning and pain from an anal fissure every time that I would have a bowel movement. I would bleed and be very uncomfortable. I was skeptical when ordering but was at my wit’s end. I have used the skin recovery cream for the last three days and I can not believe the difference. I feel great!

I also used a little on the bottom of my foot where I had a cut that was not healing. I can not believe this stuff. I am about to order the Dr Wheatgrass Supershots. I can not wait to share this with other people that I know that are looking for a solution to similar ailments. Thank you for making this available.
Warmest regards,
J. S. GA, USA. 23 June, 2008 

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